Ali Afrouzian

PhD candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Keck Biomedical Material Research lab (KBMRL)

Washington State University, Pullman, WA

Email: ali [dot] afrouzian [at] wsu [dot] edu


My name is Ali Afrouzian, Ph.D. candidate in mechanical engineering at Washington State University (WSU). My main research area is to manufacture biocompatible and corrosion resistance implants using additive manufacturing. Given that, I have a broad range of expertise in material selection, manufacturing, design of experiments, mechanical and microstructural testing, and data analysis. Besides, I’m experienced with 8+ years of knowledge in finite element analysis (FEM) running static and structural dynamic simulation by writing user-defined subroutine and commercial software. In the following you can find my technical skills:

Drawing: SolidWorks

Programming: Python, Matlab, Fortran

FEM software, LS-Dyna, ANSYS, ABAQUS


  • Experienced working with metal and polymer 3D printers.

  • Material characterization: SEM

  • Mechanical testing: Tensile, compression, hardness, nanoindentation, EBSD, corrosion

  • Data Analysis, Statistics, and Writing: Microsoft Office, SAS, Latex